Friday, April 22, 2011

Roasted Beets with Enchive Salad

今天请朋友过来吃饭。 于是一个下午都在家折腾吃的。烤了一个玉米面饼子,有做了一个甜菜的色拉。 我家老妈打趣我说,“这那里是请客吃饭?! 请客吃饭应该弄点好吃好喝的。 我的选择简直是强迫性的忆苦思甜。


Beets are often considered as the vegetable of the cold weather. Especially, many years ago in China, when Chinese people did not have as many choices and supplies for food during the winter, beets were a very common choice for the everyday meal especially for the northern part of China. Nowadays, when people have more than enough choicies for food and everything, beets are not that commonly found on a dinner table any more. Guess people had enough in the old days.

Well, I still like the deep burgundy color of beets, and it seems to me a perfect salad choice for the winter.

It's quite easy to make. If you like something simple, colorful and yet delicious. This is a good choice.

1) Toss 2 medium beets with 2 tbs of olive oil on a sheet of baking foil. Fold the baking foil to cover the beets and place it one a baking pan. Roast with 350 degree for about 60 min till it's tender and can be easily poked through with a fork.
2) Let it cool. Peel the beets and slice them (not too thin)
3) Toss up some olive oil, black pepper, Dijon Mustard, and champaign vinegar
4) In a little bowl, mix up the dressing and the beets
5) Place each slice of beets on the plate.

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